Vcan V127 Pinlock UK Flag 55-56cm SML

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Vcan V127 Union Jack Flag 55-56cm SML - incluing Pinlock Shield

Here’s a good idea for you. Take a great product and improve it. One of our best sellers has made way for the stylish new V127. Still a cost effective helmet with the benefit of those dark inner sunglasses, the sleek V127 incorporates a new removable inner lining. The wicking fabric helps keeps the inside comfortable with cooling coming in via the chin and crown vents. There’s even a rear spoiler with outlet vents! The moulded anti-scratch visor features a quick release system for speedy visor cleaning. To keep things in place the chinstrap is the now standard micrometric ratchet style. ACU gold approval gives you peace of mind until the Sharp people catch up! Show your colours!

This helmet comes with the awesome Pinlock Anit-Mist Shield. If you 've not heard of pinlock before, it's a moisture absorbing, soft plastic lens with a silicone bead that is locked to the inside of the visor's pins. It uses a layer of air to insulate inside temperatures and resist fogging - Genius!