Sdoc100 White Chain Spray 300ml

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SDoc100 White Chain Spray (300 ml)

Our specially formulated chain lube system helps to prolong chain life and increase performance.

SDoc100 White Chain Spray has practically no spin-off and excellent creep properties to get the lubricant where it is needed most. Special lubrication additives ensure increased protection with up to twice the operational performance of the chains and increased lubrication intervals.

New Formula - Contains ultra-adhesive additives.

Extreme adhesion

Increased application intervals

Significantly extended chain life

Practically impossible to throw off

Excellent penetration.

Up to twice the chain life

Up to double the lubrication intervals

Optimum lubricating properties from -30 °C - +110 °C

Effectively protects against rust

Highly resistant against washing off (driving through rain, washing etc)

Contains PTFE

Protects 0/X/Z rings, keeps them supple

Smaller 75 ml can for on the road can be refilled from 300 ml containers for touring.

Recommended by: Motorrad Magazine