Sdoc100 Colour Refresher 300ml

Code: W01-3390
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SDoc100 Colour Refresher - W01-3390

Restores and protects grey and bleached bodywork and engine components, with one easy application.

Simply spray Colour Refresher onto a soft, dry cloth and apply to a clean, dry surface; to restore an even colour, remove dirt and protect against UV bleaching.

Suitable for:

Greyed and bleached metal motorcycle parts, painted or unpainted (e.g. engine block, frame, fork, engine side covers, rims)

Rough and varnished plastic and rubber parts (e.g. side panels, inside panels, mudguards, fixtures, carbon parts, top case, plastic case, blinkers, mirrors, etc.)

Have a look here to see the difference SDoc100's Colour Refresher really makes.