R&G Racing Wet Knee Sliders White

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R&G Aero 'Wet' Knee Sliders - White

It’s not just R&G’s bike accessories we stock here at Into Gear – Try a pair of swanky R&G Aero Knee Sliders. These wet ones are much thicker than the normal Aero Slider. The clever chaps upstairs at R&G Towers developed the wet sliders using the same feedback of racers and road riders alike, many asking for knee sliders to give them better feel and confidence when leant over - even when it's raining. The latest generation Aero Knee Sliders are made from a special blend of composite materials to ensure you get the best feedback available. Stick ‘em on your leathers with the Velcro.

*Not to be worn by rubbish riders trying to get their knee down*