Oxford Advanced UK Touring Hotgrips

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Oxford Advanced Hotgrips - Touring EL691K.

Into Gear's Latest Advanced Heated Handle Grips from OXFORD. The benchmark hot grips just got BETTER!

Super simple to install – connect to the bike’s battery, mount the controller, glue your grips on – simple! (Full instructions are provided.)

New UK Specific Weather Proof Power connectors – Now screw together for a stronger seal.

9 Heat Settings – Increased control for the most comfortable temperature – with LED indication.

Battery saving function – Auto cut out when ignition is turned off until enough power is available. No need to wire to a live ignition feed.

Standard Features for all 'Advanced’ Hot-Grips models - sealed for life; therefore, need no maintenance with a moulded wiring arrangement which is both durable and discreet. 1-piece moulded construction ensures unrivalled performance and reliability. Great heating with a current draw under 4A! The 9 position controller is weatherproof (so won’t fail in the rain) and can be fitted to the bars with the bracket enclosed.

Advanced Touring Heated Grips: Rhombus tread pattern for medium wear resistance and maximum vibration absorption. Thicker rubber for maximum wear resistance and durability combined with high levels of grip and feel. Measuring 120mm wide with the option to trim down to 110mm and open ended for your bar ends.