Nitro YTX9-BS Battery

Code: YTX9-BS
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Maintenance Free 
Supplied filled with the acid pack and ready to charge
No further maintenance or topping up is required
Width:70 mm
Height:105 mm
Acid Type: Acid Pack
Battery No: TX9BS
Capacity:8 Ah
Length:150 mm
Voltage:12 volts
Please note: This battery should never be fitted on it's side. It is only suitable for vertical fitment
Most problems with batteries today are due to improper initial activation
Newly activated batteries should ALWAYS be CHARGED before you install them into any motorcycle, otherwise, they will lose at least 20% of their capacity
This will definitely result in much shorter service life or other battery problems
Fill the battery to the indicated level
Charge the battery for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity to get a full charge.
Failure caused by incorrect activation or charging is NOT a warranty issue