Datatag Electronic Motorcycle ID

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This bit of kit will help keep your bike out of the clammy hands of those thieving scum bags. Datatag’s Thatcham approved multi-layered electronic identification anti-theft system has a 100% success rate since being introduced in 1992. It is the most sophisticated identification technology on the market today. The CPS has never lost a court case in which Datatag has been used in evidence. Your kit contains a unique electronic transponder, Stealth UV reactive ‘Etching’ Technology, Datadots & Warning Labels effectively giving your bike its own DNA. Each unique code’s details are registered with Datatag and stored on their Police accredited database which can be transferred if you sell your bike. Please remember that 25,000 bikes are stolen every year (nearly 3 per hour!) of which 15,000 aren’t even protected!

Here's how to install your kit:

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