This is the stuff we here at Into Gear specialise in. Motorbike clothing! We have the largest range of relevant clothing for all genres of motorcycling this side of England. Have a look at some of the most functional & stylish gear from our key suppliers, Merlin & Rayven. We select what we think are the best products from these guys and are proud to be mentioned in RiDE magazine as one of the best ‘Proper Shops’ our nation has! This season sees more ‘Heritage’ offerings with a wider range of Retro Wax Cotton, Leather, Kevlar Jeans & Hoodies, Boots and Gloves. Into Gear also stocks Gerbings Heated Clothing, Knox Thermals, Base Layers & Body Armour, Hi-Viz and other clothing accessories too! Pop in for a brew and have some touchy-feely with some of the best kit – weather* it’s Winter Gear from Into Gear or Summer Kit for an epic trip – you’ll not be disappointed.

*Pun intended