Bob Heath Vee Wipe Visor Clearer

Code: ST8148
Here's an example of Into Gear customers' recommendations turning into products you WANT.
The Bob Heath Visor wiper fits over the 1st finger of your left glove allowing you to wipe away the build-up of rainwater or snow keeping your helmet's visor clear at all times. Recommended for use in fog, rain or snow showers, the Vee Wipe will give clearer vision in an instant simply by wiping the blade across the front of your visor. It really does help to give you a far safer and easier riding experience whilst riding in wet and hazardous conditions. A great idea and one of the most cost-effective ways of staying safe.
New improved design for greater comfort supplied complete with securing band to attach to your glove.
Made in England from the best material available it is supple and does not require any pre-warming prior to fitting. Vee Wipe is supplied with a securing band that is looped through the end of the Vee Wipe and around the wrist of your glove when in use or storage.
Available in 3 sizes