Bertoni D600H Titanium Triple Lense Sunglasses

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D600H Multilens Interchangeable:

The sunglasses with interchangeable lens D600 are equipped with a 3 lenses kit, smoke, ambre Drive and clear.

The amber lens guarantees an excellent visual contrast of colors and reduces the effect of glare from the sun, reducing the blue of the natural light that overlaps the other colors. Thus each color develops its maximum potential, with a surprising contrast effect, particularly in poor lighting conditions (fog, darkness, tunnels).

Very appreciated quality of all the sports (particulary for motorcycle and driving the car) is the relaxing effect of the view due to the exclusive color of the lenses. Drive amber lens are made by shatterproof polycarbonate, it has a very high impact resistance and is extremely light. Both of the lens surfaces have an anti-reflection coating.