16L Oil Drain Bowl with Spout & Handles

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16L Oil Pan with Pourer & Grip Handles - OILPAN16 
The same great design as the OILPAN10 we have been selling for years - just a bit deeper. The perfect solution to avoid getting oil all over the kitchen floor. Simply place the Oil Pan under the drain plug on your bike and let it flow. There's more than enough space in there (Most bikes are less than 5L). Don't forget to put the drain plug back in and she'll be none the wiser!
Pour the old engine oil into a suitable container to recycle at the local tip.
Simple - and a bit deeper!
16-litre oil drain pan
Featuring front and rear hand-grabs
Directional spout with cap
Rolled edges to prevent spillage
Height 170mm
Diameter 450mm