100pc Solder Seal Heat Shrink Connectors

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Wire connecting made simple.
Slide on the correct sleeve. Heat with a heat gun. The solder melts - Ring clamps tighten - sleeve shrinkwraps the joint for a weatherproof seal.
This product is made of high-quality material, which has a long service life.
Hot-melt adhesive, which provides excellent waterproof property.
Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance.
Waterproof to IP67 waterproof - can be used safely even in rainy and humid weather.
Suitable for use in marine, car, motorcycle, and DIY wiring projects.
The minimum temperature for the solder to melt: 138°C
The temperature of the mass completely melted: >160°C
Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C
Operating temperature:-55°C - 125°C
Dielectric strength :1kv
Package Includes 100 x tin ring crimp terminal connectors:
25 x White: diameter 1.5mm, for cable cross-section 0.25 - 0.34mm2 (AWG 25-24)
35 x Red: diameter 3mm, for cable cross-section 0.5-1.0 mm2 (AWG 22-18)
30 x Blue: diameter 5mm, for cable cross-section 1.5-2.5 mm2 (AWG 16-14)
10 x Yellow: diameter 6mm, for cable cross-section 4.0-6.0 mm2 (AWG 12-10)

Please note that all measurements and specifications are approximate.